Do you also repair all these equipments?

Of course, we do. For more information regarding this issue you can contact our sales representatives or you can visit our Sales/Repair web page.

Some people say that rental is expensive. Is this true?

Renting is a competitive method of using funds. It is easier, faster and more convenient than borrowing money. It allows your business to grow by freeing up working capital for general expenses, inventory and any unforeseen emergencies. It also updates you with the latest technologies. It increases your profitability by helping you to cut on your cost on un-wanted assets for short terms projects. It reduces your AMC cost.

Who can rent from MIR?

MIR is a business to business IT Rental supplier; we also provide rental to private individuals. We can however supply to business type organizations and endusers our customers can include:-
1. MNC’s / Big Corporate Companies
2. Small businesses / Partnerships / Limited Companies
3. Charities / Public Bodies / Government (Schools, Councils etc)
4. Individuals / Startup Companies etc.

What if I don’t see what I require?

If the product you need is not on the site then please call us and speak to our sales staff.

In addition we are always looking to expand our product range so just because you do not see it does not mean we cannot provide it. Call us, let us know what you require and for how long and we will try and help.

What IT equipment can I rent?


Your first step should be to visit our web site where you can find a wide range of the products we can supply.

Can I rent for any period I choose?

OFCOURSE You can rent for Quarterly/Monthly/Half Yearly/ even Yearly.

Can I repair or Upgrade your equipment lying with me?

No alteration should be made on attached fitted or repairs or an adjustment should be made without written permission of MIR

If I rent a printer, does it come with toner or ink?

Toner does not come with laser printer rentals. Toner can however be purchased as part of the rental.